Monday, August 20, 2007

I was tagged by the worlds most outstanding florist, Audrey at Studio Stems. I guess the deal is I'm supposed to post 10 random things about me, so here it goes!

1. I just got a job at Utah Valley Magazine as the Circulation Manager/Assistant Editor. Yay for me!!

2. Popcorn and ice-cream are my two favorite food groups. They're food groups, right?

3. Ever since I was little, I have loved to read. I read everything in my house growing up at least three times -- and this includes all the Don Aslett cleaning books my dad got for free while doing promotional videos for him. I used to get grounded from reading.

4. When I'm stressed and need to calm down, I usually cook or clean. I dunno, maybe those Don Aslett books paid off!!

5. I love to travel. I love everything about traveling. My ideal job would be to travel the world and get paid for the articles I write and the pictures I take along the way.

6. I don't eat meat. I just don't like it. So don't try and make me eat it.

7. Magazines are my weakness. I love reading design magazines, fashion magazines, photography magazines and travel magazines. And now I have a job working for a magazine!

8. My dad is my hero. He is such a good example of one who lives a Christ-centered life. He is also the hardest working person I know. He is incredibly visionary and knows how to makes his dreams a reality.

9. Although some women dread becoming like their mothers, I don't think that'd be such a bad thing for me. My mom is incredible with people and has no problem making friends wherever she goes.

10. The sound of a keyboard typing is one of the most soothing sounds. I loved working in a newsroom where all day you could hear the tiny tapping of keys all over the room.

And I am tagging:
Betsy Brown
Anyone else who actually reads this blog :) Post a comment and let me know if you did this because I'd love to read it!

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