Tony and Christin

Monday, November 24, 2008

Christin and I grew up as backyard neighbors. Despite the close proximity, we never really got to know each other until we both boarded a plane and spent a semester together (by chance) in Nauvoo, IL, 1,200 miles from our homes. Our dorm rooms were next door to each other and by the end of the three months, we had grown very close. Fast forward a few years, and Christin and her husband Tony were married June 1, 2007 - the day before I married my wonderful husband. They are now expecting a baby boy in April, can you believe she's 4 months along?! She looks amazing. They wanted to get in a family photo session before welcoming the baby into their family, so here they are!!

Shelly's Bridals

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shelly is proof that it's all about who you know. These pictures were taken at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens - which are closed right now. Good thing the BFOTB (best friend of the bride, for those not familiar with Gilmore Girls) is the daughter of a very important Thanksgiving Point personnel. So Shelly, her entourage and I were the only ones there, and it made for some great shots. I'm so looking forward to this fantastic wedding in January!

Shelly Sneak Peak

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I've been working on these photos today, and I couldn't resist sharing one right now. I'll probably post the rest tomorrow ... but for now, enjoy!

Making the change ...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ETA: Web site is now LIVE!! Let me know what you think.

As you can tell by the sparse posts recently, I've been quite busy! I've been working a lot on the business end of this photography venture of mine, and I'm quite pleased with the progress I have been making. Part of that progress is my new Web site, which brings me to the main reason for this post. If you have this blog bookmarked as, you may want to switch it over to the original url for this blog because starting today the non-blogspot url will take you nowhere. And no one wants to know that they are on a path that leads nowhere, right?

And because no post feels complete with out a picture :

How cute is this Christmas card I designed for the Romney family?

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