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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I have always loved airports. The smells, sights and sounds appeal to me and make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I love browsing the newsstands and buying a magazine and some peach rings to keep me company on the plane. I love watching people of all shapes, colors and sizes and their interactions with one another. And I love to travel.

Tomorrow I'm going to the airport and getting on a plane to see some people that make me feel even more warm and fuzzy than airports, my in laws! My husband's step sister Sarah is getting married and I have the honor of being her wedding photographer. I can't wait for this event because mixing my love for photography with my love for my husbands family is such a delicious combination.

Also, here's a lovely gal in my neighborhood. We had a 2 minute photo session the other day and here's the result!


Sherry Ward said...

I LOVE airports too! Everything about them is pleasing. How exciting that you get to go shoot a wedding in a different state! Those are my favorites. I'll be checking back to see.

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