I heart photography

Monday, September 28, 2009

I adore taking pictures. I always have. I can't remember ever wanting a Christmas present more than the year I begged and begged for a camera. And not just any camera, and Canon Rebel 2000. Except for the year(s) I asked Santa for the Samantha doll, which American Doll has now discontinued (an in the processes, shattered my dreams of ever owning all her dresses, sob!) Anyway, back to photography. My love for photography extends beyond weddings, senior portraits and family photos. I got started in the business as a photojournalist for a newspaper. Capturing the moment, stopping time and preserving history in a single shot is why I got started in this business.

Knowing my love for photography and my collection of fine art photos building up on my hardrive, my dad clipped an ad out of his newspaper and gave it to me. MediaOne is looking for the best photos of Utah to be published in a coffee-table book. I've submitted some photos and would really love your help in voting for them. Photos that acheive a high score (by vote) and editor's selections will be published in the book. So, I'm asking that you all take a moment today and go vote for me, it would really mean a lot!

And fear not, despite my full week blogging break, I'm back full force and have a ton of sweet photos to share with you.


Anonymous said...

They discontinued Samantha?!?!?!?! She was my FAV! That makes me so sad. Duly sad that I didn't keep her or all of her accessories that I had :(

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