Becca + Dustin

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I've known Becca for a long time. In fact, her brother was my first kiss. She was a couple years younger than me, but we cheered together in high school and I always loved her bright, bubbly personality. Now she's gettin' hitched to the love her her life and I am ecstatic that they picked me as their photographer. After our shoot Becca sent me this in an e-mail:

"We were seriously SO happy with how the engagement session went ... we were both dreading it because we HATE getting our pictures taken! Seriously - we were so impressed! It was actually fun and enjoyable for us! You are the best!"

I think she'll also be seriously so happy with the result of the shoot, what do you think?


Trisha said...

She has a super cute smile. Awesome job Jessie!

Becca Gilbert said...

Jessie you are AWESOME!!! I am so excited to see the rest tonight!!!

Anita said...

Awesome! But you know that, you are doing an amazing job.
Have a Merry Christmas!

Brittanie said...

Love these photos. The snow is so stunning with that tree and mountains in the background. Very cool!

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