Betsy + Joe: Married

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When I first met Betsy, I had my hair up in rollers, I was dressed in some super cute pajamas and I was sweeping the floor in my apartment. She knocked on the door and I let her in, excited to meet my new roommate. "Oh my goodness," I told her, "the last girls were SO messy, I am glad they're gone." She laughed in my face and told me that I was just going to have to deal with it because she was messy too. Despite her messy ways and my high maintenance, we hit it off and have been besties ever since.

Now Betsy has a new roommate, the husband kind. I was so honored to photograph their beautiful wedding day at the Columbia River Temple in Richland, WA. It was a gorgeous day, perfect for this madly-in-love duo.


Barb Elder said...

Those are so beautiful. I love the one in front of the temple with the water. You are amazing!!

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