Moments: Utah Wedding Photographer

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Have you ever had one of those experiences where you find yourself talking and in the middle of explaining yourself, you find clarity? After we wrapped up the Sweet Little Peanut photo shoot at Justin Hackworth's studio, I poked my head into his office to introduce myself. We started chatting and he asked me the big question - why. Why do I do photography? 

As I eagerly launched into my answer, could feel myself getting excited and I realized this was something I'd been wanting to vocalize for some time now.

Moments. I love moments. And more importantly, I LOVE capturing those moments for you to treasure forever. What's more emotional and exciting than two families coming together to celebrate love? And that I get to be there and document that ... wow. 

The memories from your wedding are more than just the centerpieces you've stressed over for months. They're more than the dress you cried over when you first tried it on because you knew it was the one. They're more than the delicious cupcakes you finally decided on after trying every bakery in town. 

It's your first dance as husband and wife. Your father wiping tears as he talks about the beautiful young woman you've become. Your niece performing her own private ballet just outside the reception. Your grandpa taking you for a spin on the dance floor. Your nephew sneaking candy off the dessert table. 

It's these kind of moments you'll want to remember, and it's these kinds of moments I love capturing. 

Two of my (too many to count) favorite moments from a recent wedding.


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