Sabrina + David: Just because

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sabrina and David got married on 8-08-08 and wanted to celebrate their wedding anniversary with some pictures! Sabrina loves to work wonders in the kitchen, so she made some delish cupcakes for the photo shoot. And David has worked at Build-A-Bear since he was in high school, so naturally we had to take a photo with their Build-A-Bear children!


Brittanie said...

I LOVE the pics with the balloons and the one in front of the house! SO cute!

Linne said...

These pictures are truly amazing. I get more and more excited for Sydney's photo shoot!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the balloon one on the bike, it looks like a movie poster or something, and the one on the swing too, the love cupcake one, so cute!
OK, I like them all!!

meagan said...

I LOVE the colors of that sunset. And what a great idea to have balloons!

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