Baby G.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oh how I love babies! They're so sweet, so perfect, and little baby G was no exception. He slept like a dream and was a magnificent model. 

Also, next week I will be taking a much needed break and won't be able to answer any phone calls or emails, so please don't feel neglected! I'll be back in business on Monday, January 30th and will get back to you then.


Linne said...

So cute!!!

Anonymous said...

AHH jessie!!! You did it again! Amazing pictures! my nephew is the cutest!!! Love them! Cant wait till i have babies and you can make them look this cute!!

Lacey Jay said...

Hey Jessie, i adore your work! I've been doing photography for a good chunk of yrs and your one of the ones I still look up too! i love your style.

Jessie said...

Thank you Lacey, you are such a sweet heart!

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